Baltimorean Declares War on Biblical Literalism, Sectarianism, and Divorce

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On War of 1812 Bicentennial, a Baltimorean Declares War on Biblical Literalism, Sectarianism, and Divorce.

Baltimore, MD (MMD Newswire) June 18, 2012 -- Today, on the anniversary of the United States' declaration of war in 1812, a Baltimore author is calling on Christians to go to war against the "heresy" of biblical literalism, increasing sectarianism among Protestants, and the breakdown of marriage. The author, Mr. Martin Pierce, presents plans to defeat these evils in his newly published book, Return to Genesis: What Ancient Poetry Reveals About Christ, the Church, and the Kingdom.

The title, Return to Genesis, suggests that we can return to a state of innocence and blessedness, reminiscent of the Garden of Eden. According to Mr. Pierce, that was a time when creativity blossomed, not only on God's part, but also for the author of Genesis 1-2. "These chapters," he says, "are so replete with poetry and symbolism that it's like a warning against taking the Bible too literally."

The New Testament also provides grounds to reject literalism, said Mr. Pierce. Jesus Christ and the New Testament authors routinely found symbolism and allegory in the Old Testament. Moreover, Jesus often communicated through parables, not literally. Historically, literalism is more closely associated with the Enlightenment than with any ancient perspective. Literalism is largely responsible for futurism (i.e., rapture theology), Christian Zionism, and young-earth creationism, which Mr. Pierce labels as false doctrines.

The plan for Christian unity is especially intended for Protestants. Although Protestants appear to be hopelessly divided, there is more than a glimmer of hope for unity, according to this author. Apparently, the secret has been right under Christians' noses all this time.

"When we read Acts 15," Mr. Pierce explains, "we see a council headed by one man--James, the brother of Jesus. Christians from throughout the world, including even the Apostle Paul, sought and followed the council's guidance. That's the model for Christian unity. There's no heavy-handed pressure, nor any mixing of church and state." Voila! Of course, the book explains this plan in great detail, including how it would differ from the Roman Catholic system.

As for the problems of infidelity and divorce, we might wonder whether the council should order Christians to cease and desist. "If only it were that simple," Mr. Pierce replied. "Actually, one of the first things the council would likely want to do is give sanction to Christian-run courts. Secular courts would need to recognize what we might call 'Christian covenant marriages,' and not intervene. The Church, rather than the State, should have the last word when it comes to troubled Christian marriages."

Not surprisingly, this plan also comes from the Bible. "It's not just a good idea," said Mr. Pierce. "It's a command. The Apostle Paul advised the Christians in Corinth not to take one another to court. Although they could still choose to do so, they were to have fellow Christians, not unbelievers, decide each case."

Since the early Christians weren't literalists, respected a central council, and didn't use secular civil courts, why aren't Christians following these examples today? "You've got me stumped there," Mr. Pierce admitted. "But the more important question relates to whether or not we'll act on the knowledge we now have."

Baltimoreans played a leading role in defeating the British during the War of 1812. Mr. Pierce believes that by employing the strategies presented in his book, Christians worldwide can achieve victory over persistent evils and usher in a new era of freedom, blessing, and prosperity.

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