New book describes how group of entrepreneurs navigated rough seas to bring one major American beverage company to emerging market economy of Romania

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Author Aviad Meitar describes the Viking-like methods used to compete with rival beverage companies in quest for success in An Unimaginable Journey

KIRYAT ONO, ISRAEL (MMD Newswire) March 9, 2010 -- First-time author Aviad Meitar explains the complex journey he and his team of entrepreneurs took to launch the first successful Pepsi franchise in Romania in the early 1990s in his new book, An Unimaginable Journey. Competing with a powerful and well-established competitor's franchise and launching a new brand in the freshly established market economy of Romania set the stage for an uphill climb to success, according to Meitar.

Fascinated with Viking culture, Meitar took on the task with no knowledge of the beverage industry or Romania using 1000-year-old Viking strategies. "My attack plan mirrored that of the ancient warriors," Meitar said. "I surrounded myself with good battle comrades, used top quality weapons, and concentrated on one target at a time. By the end of the first year of operation, we had four plants in Romania producing our products."

An Unimaginable Journey details the challenges of introducing a new brand in a market that had recently been released from communism. The book describes the journey of Meitar's bottling venture just as much as it describes the journey Romania took as a nation emerging as a new capitalist society. Meitar says that it was the spirit of his team that was most influential in overcoming obstacles and eventually selling the company to the second largest Pepsi bottler in the world.

As stated by Foreword Clarion Reviews, "The journey described by Aviad Meitar is nothing if not intriguing. This well-written and concise eyewitness account of building an American brand in an Eastern European country offers rare insight into how a business can succeed even in the face of the most daunting challenges."

An Unimaginable Journey is available for sale online at, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author
Aviad Meitar set up the Pepsi business in Romania and oversaw it from inception, through growth, to its ultimate sale to PepsiCo's second largest bottler in the world. From there, Meitar set his sights on Bulgaria. He is currently the chairman of the Pepsi bottling company in Bulgaria. He earned his M.B.A. from Boston University and a law degree from Tel Aviv University. Meitar is married and has three children.

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