Billions Discovered for Recovery by Automakers

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Novi, Michigan, United States (MMD Newswire) January 19, 2010 -- The auto industry has paid billions for factory defects, warranties and litigation for vehicles not painted to factory specification. Zestar Corporation has completed investigative research identifying fiscal opportunities available to automakers, auto dealers and consumers. The studies conclude that these parties have been financially impacted by the recent outsourcing of paint operations within automakers' facilities.

The automakers, while retaining ownership of in-house paint facilities, have outsourced process and quality responsibilities to paint suppliers. This process has failed the auto industry. Millions of vehicles were painted below automakers' specifications. The automakers paid for the proper amount of paint to be applied on each vehicle. Opportunities exist for automakers to recover billions from insufficient paint thicknesses applied.

The research proposes a "Truth in Finish Disclosure" using the factory's objective durability criteria. Facts, rather than subjective opinion, should be used to address vehicle paint problems when paint failures occur. Typical car and truck paint defects include paint peeling, stone chipping and body rusting.

The factory paint durability research available at has been summarized in two formats:
1) Basic Guide - research formatted to assist the consumer
2) Technical Guide - research formatted to assist the automaker and auto dealer

The Basic Guide provides information on the automakers' factory paint defects by vehicle brand. The research explains the functions of each of the four layers that comprise an automotive finish. A procedure is presented to determine if any particular vehicle is a factory paint defect. This is the same procedure used by the auto industry.

The Technical Guide expands on the information found in the Basic Guide. Comprehensive details are included on the business models that created the factory paint defects. Procedures are offered for the auto dealer in assessing vehicles' paint failures. Opportunities are also presented for automakers to recapture revenue lost from factory paint defects.

For more information on the fiscal opportunities available, please consult

About Zestar Corporation
Zestar Corporation is a market leader in automotive paint durability research. Zestar's technology has been used to verify the performance of both new and existing automotive coatings (paints) as well as advances in factory paint automation. Two publications on factory paint durability research have been released by Zestar Corporation titled: "MAKING IT RIGHT Why your Car Payments are lasting longer than your FACTORY PAINT JOB". Basic Guide and Technical Guide are the two editions available.

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