Author Anna Kavanaugh Bursts Back Books, Shocking Readers With A Return From Reclusive Retirement

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New York, NY (MMD Newswire) September 15, 2011 - - When reclusive author Anna Kavanaugh retired in 2008 after a string of increasingly popular novels and steadily growing fan base, the spirits of her faithful following were crushed. Still, they continued with their book club meetings and online community environments hoping that in the future Ms. Kavanaugh would decide to return.

The future has arrived.

From last year, Ms. Kavanaugh began reaching out to her readers through an Official Twitter page and then earlier this year a Facebook Profile where fans enjoy her daily inspiration and unique interaction. The author dropped hints something was in the works, but no official word of confirmation came. Until now.

In a shocking recent announcement, Ms. Kavanaugh has burst back to the book business and to her fans full gusto, emerging from a reclusive retirement her fan following did not understand but accepted.

She boldly dives into the same controversial waters she left in 2008, already publicly challenging the regulations of the FDA and USDA for what she feels are their irresponsible lack of standards in the field of genetically modified, engineered and cloned food.

Ms. Kavanaugh returns with a new trilogy series, expanded from her original novel, "The Cord of Callows," set in three books to be called, "Provenance," "Creed," and "Covenant."

(Copied from other press) The scope of the story will span several generations and will challenge the practice of genetic engineering and modification methods infiltrating our worldwide food supply today, introducing inorganic consumption products to the unsuspecting and uninformed public consumer.

Ms. Kavanaugh will focus the science fiction-fantasy genre series on her vison of the potential physical and spiritual ramifications to future generations should these practices continue to gain increasing acceptance. Primarily, the series seeks to examine free will and weigh the cost inherent through several paradoxical ironies and the lens of a higher perspective. (End Copy)

The author lives in the Pacific Northwest where she is working on the completion of the trilogy. Having recently returned from Europe where she spent time living in Northern Ireland and Spain, she is focused on the writing and research involved with this epic story expansion, while also promoting "The Cord of Callows: Creed" set for pre-ordering availability on September 28th, 2011.

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