NEXUS LEGAL CASH Earmarks Dedicated Funds to Aid Depuy ASR XL Hip Replacement Victims

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February 21, 2012 (MMD Newswire) -- Nexus Legal Cash, a lawsuit settlement company announced today that it has a dedicated line of credit set aside for the victims of Depuy ASR XL Hip Replacement. Nexus Legal Cash, already prominent in the automobile and premises liability spaces of the industry, have plans to meet the expanding need for pre-settlement funding of victims of Depuy Hip Replacements and Implants.

It's been said to be one of the biggest disasters in orthopedics history. After receiving thousands of complaints about the product, Johnson & Johnson unit DePuy Orthopaedics finally recalled its ASR hip replacements in August 2010. This hip replacement system has had a shockingly high rate of failure, and many of the victims of these failures have had to undergo a second, painful surgery to remove and replace the defective hip. The high failure rate of its ASR replacement hip system have been attributed to the fact that this system is metal on metal and therefore can cause its components to come loose, fracturing the bone around the implant, depositing metal fragments in the bloodstream, and causing further medical issues. Now, the British Orthapaedic Association and British Hip Society in a statement from March 2011 are reporting a sharp increase in failures from 13 to 49 percent of DePuy ASR XL hip implants over a six year period. .

Thousands of plaintiffs have brought product-liability, negligence and failure-to-warn claims against DePuy over the devices, and are seeking medical costs, lost wages and compensation for their pain and suffering. Needless to say, many more complaints are expected to be filed over the next 24 months bringing the total exposure to Johnson & Johnson near $2Billion. In fact, More than 350 lawsuits have been consolidated in federal court in Ohio, and more than 220 are pending in California state court. Another group of cases is pending in New Jersey state court. Unfortunately, for the long suffering patients of the defective DePuy Hip Implant/Replacements, the increase in litigation will only delay their needed settlement payments.

"We're pleased to be able to offer Pre-Settlement Cash Advances for DePuy Hip Replacement Recall victims and we have been seeing a substantial increase in our Depuy Applications," stated Nexus Legal Cash president Karl A. Minner. "We are ready to help people cover their daily bills and provide some peace of mind to the long suffering patients of Depuy Hip Replacements while they await their settlements."

About Nexus Legal Cash:

Nexus Legal Cash, is a full service litigation financing firm that provides non-recourse cash advances to plaintiffs who are in immediate need of cash today before their case settles. Do bear in mind that it should be a means of last resort. If you are interested in receiving a non-recourse lawsuit loan against your DePuy Hip Replacement recall lawsuit, please feel free to call them toll free at 1-877-95-NEXUS or to fill out an online application

ASR XL Hip Replacement Victims

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