Arabian Rescue Mission Heads to West Virginia

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February 20, 2012 (MMD Newswire) -- While Arabian horse owners and trainers are enjoying the prestigious Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, another event is unfolding in the snowy mountains of West Virginia.

The Arabian Rescue Mission in New Jersey is working on moving 50+ Arabians in decline from their farm. Mr. Khan, now deceased, had been sick for years and the famiy was doing their best to take care of the horses. They have reached a point where good homes and the safety of the horses is their priority. They reached out last year for help and received none. A local gentleman stepped in and has been providing basic care for these horses. Even with the mild weather and his help, winter has taken its toll. More than 7 horses have died over the last few months. An acquaintance suggested they call ARM.

On Feb. 25th ARM will be moving all the horses to the Westmoreland Fairgrounds in Greensburg, PA. They desperately need DONATIONS, supplies such as buckets, bedding, hay, feed, antibiotics and volunteers to help care for these horses.

Arabian Rescue Mission  Arabian horse owners and trainers

With seizures and rescues on the rise nationally, the number of horses in crisis is mounting and the emotional and financial burden is staggering. Terry Figueroa, Founder of ARM, works diligently to change how horse seizures and rescues are conducted. Since 2003, Terry and her organization have re-homed over 450 horses. The recent seizures of Arabians, nationally, highlights how a breed specific rescue organization can make a huge difference.

Terry knows that owners of every breed stick together. She states "If an Arabian horse needs a new home, who better to call on than another Arabian horse owner? Local agencies may not be equipped to care for horses. They lack the knowledge or facilities to expedite effective equine related rescues. There are also strict protocols which dictate what documentation is necessary in the event that the owner may be legally charged."

Donations may be made via PayPal to or can be mailed to Arabian Rescue Mission, 42 Glen Road, Colesville, NJ 07461. Visit the ARM website at to read about this 501(c)3 organization which is truly Making a "Difference, Everyday!" and click the DONATE button to help with your tax deductible, life saving donation.


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