The world's first anti-hangover beer

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Australian lifestyle company, TheFeelGoodFactory announced it will be pioneering a new era in the way consumers drink alcohol.

November 23, 2010 (MMD Newswire) -- TheFeelGoodFactory has made a major breakthrough in their development of a world first line of anti-hangover alcoholic beer, wine and spirit beverages which was originally seen as a long term development process. However, the overwhelmingly positive preliminary trials of their anti-hangover alcoholic products have seen the company triple its efforts to bring the product line to market early 2011.

TheFeelGoodFactory will not be releasing any scientific evidence or details on their world first anti-hangover alcoholic beverages until it has completed its final phase of testing. The final phase is expected to be completed soon and a press conference will be held in Sydney on December 16, 2010.

Directors of TheFeelGoodFactory and self-proclaimed "Kings of the lifestyle industry" believe their products will usher in a new era in the way people drink alcohol and will change the alcoholic beverage industry forever. The self-proclaimed "Kings of the lifestyle industry" went on to say they believe this development will make TheFeelGoodFactory the biggest lifestyle company in the world.

TheFeelGoodFactory also announced it will be looking to partner with major alcoholic beverage manufacturers and distributors in the coming months and expect to have products launched in Australia, UK, Europe, US, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan and the UAE early 2011.

TheFeelGoodFactory has cancelled the 2011 launch of its anti-hangover shot, F*CK!NG HANGOVER. However it will be selling a new anti-hangover tablet, available only on their website and the company claims it is the most superior product on the market.

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