New reference book offers correct spelling for more than 10,000 drug names

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Drug Speller 2010 edited by Anissa R. Nierenberger aims to serve as a resource for reporters, stenographers, health care professionals or anyone requiring accurate spelling of pharmaceuticals

LOWELL, Mich. (MMD Newswire) May 17, 2010 -- Drug Speller 2010, a reference title edited by Anissa R. Nierenberger, aims to offer the correct spelling for more than 10,000 commonly used drugs, including prescription, brand name, generic, experimental and discontinued pharmaceuticals.

According to Nierenberger, pharmaceutical product names are often misspelled in professional and legal documents. As a result, Nierenberger compiled more than 10,000 commonly used drugs into one volume to act as a desk reference. The latest installment of an ongoing annual series, the book organizes drug names in alphabetical order for convenient research. Information is also categorized into 36 medical specialties, including cardiology, fertility and diabetes.

"This is the only book that provides spellings for all drugs in one easy-to-use resource," Nierenberger says. "It's designed for reporters, nurses, libraries, hospitals, government agencies, law firms, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies or anyone else in need of accurate information about a wide variety of medications."

The book lists popularly prescribed medications like Lipitor and Nexium as well as a host of lesser known drugs including Eserin, Seconal and Sinulin. The book also features typographical representation of drug names as intended by their manufacturers including instances of mixing of upper and lower case letters and the insertion of hyphens.

Drug Speller 2010 is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Editor
Anissa R. Nierenberger is a professional closed captioner and owner of Dictionary Jumpstart, a spelling software company that serves the stenography reporting industry. A graduate of Ferris State University, Nierenberger has been creating closed captions for newscasts, sporting events and scripted programming for more than 18 years. She resides in Lowell with her 11-year-old son.

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