Gary Matula exercises 8,000 shares of Molex Inc (MOLX) stock; 1 Additional Transaction

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LISLE, IL (MMD Newswire) February 3, 2012 -- Gary Matula performed a payment of a tax liability by selling 6,044 shares of Molex Inc (MOLX) stock as noted in an SEC Filing today. 8,000 shares were exercised of Molex Inc (MOLX) stock by Gary Matula. Gary Matula's title was listed as "Sr. V.P., Info. Systems & CIO" at Molex Inc within the filing.

If we look over the past 12 months, Gary Matula has sold a total of 1,500 shares of Molex Inc, proceeds from the sale totaled $33,425. Over the same time period, Gary Matula has purchased no shares of Molex Inc stock. Gary Matula has also performed other transactions including grants or awards , payment of tax liabilites , used transaction code "J" , and exercise of options .

Let's take a quick, high-level look at insider trading at Molex Inc over the past 12 months. A total of 131,500 shares of Molex Inc stock was sold by insiders, totaling $3,166,526. Over the same time 12 month time period, no shares of Molex Inc were purchased by company insiders.

Source: SEC Filings

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